A great past, an even brighter future....

The name "Daimara" is derived from two Swahili words "Daima" (meaning forever) and "Imara" (meaning strong, robust).

Daimara Services Inc. is focused squarely on the future and our operations are tailor-made to meet this vision. We have no doubt that our people will make a vital contribution to the world's economy, environment and communities.

To make this happen, the company has built a unique corporate culture revolving around technical excellence, commitment to our clients and the ability to provide our people with challenging careers.

These qualities are not only self-sustaining but they have proven to be mutually reinforcing. We, at Daimara Services Inc. have found out that the better we serve our clients' needs, the more fruitful we become. The more skilled and dedicated our people are, the more certain it is that our clients will receive unsurpassed quality in their projects.

Committed to the sustainability and prosperity of communities....

On a corporate level, Daimara Services Inc. is committed to the sustainability and prosperity of the communities in which it operates.

The success of our global company is built on supporting our local communities. The company employees recognize the positive influence of good corporate citizenship. This commitment is expressed through:

  • ethical business practices
  • transparency in corporate operations and governance
  • engagement and outreach to stakeholders affected by our operations and our projects
  • philanthropy to support important causes
  • encouragement and support of active involvement in civic organisations, charitable programmes, professional societies and other community groups.
  • Improving lives through sustainable solutions

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Daimara Services Inc. provides funding to groups engaged in sustainable projects, to periodically support their charitable work.

Health & Safety at home and at work....

Daimara Services Inc. is building a culture where Health and Safety are considered first and embedded in how our teams work. This is reinforced by a programme to ensure that staff are trained to carry out technical tasks safely, with amplified awareness and skills that are applicable both at work and at home.

Our management system is responsive to local needs....

Daimara Services Inc’s management and leadership structure nurtures decision making close to the level where their impact will be felt and aligned with direct responsibility. This distributed decision-making is carried out by two distinct groups.

We have a good balance between technical and management staff. Our technical people have proven technical excellence and leadership ability to perform essential project tasks, direct and manage projects, interface with clients, mentor other employees and support other parts of the company. Our managers support the success of our people. They provide the environment and tools that allow our technical people to carry out award-winning projects for clients.

A powerful sense of our past....

One of our greatest assets is a powerful sense of our past, who we are and where we are going.

Our motto

"Forever Strong"

Our vision

  • The liberty to shine in areas of our expertise
  • The knowledge to find solutions to day-to-day problems
  • The hunger to make our mark in society

Our values

  • Integrity
    In our work and relationships; we are truthful, dependable, ethical.
  • Excellence
    To our clients and colleagues; we pursue excellence in our technical solutions.
  • Teamwork
    To bring value to our clients; we actively share knowledge and experience internally and externally.
  • Caring
    For our people, clients, communities and the environments in which we live and work; we respect and care.